Summer Of SKA Tour Update: numba v’one.

We spent the last 3 days wrapping the merch, priming the gear, tuning up the van/trailer & more. Yesterday was spent driving all day to the Toronto boarder. Ugh. Today we will cross & meet up with the other men on the tour. But for now, we will make fun of Ryan’s snoring, watch Indiana Jones & finish this dark hotel coffee.

More to come,


Flashlight: directed by Astrid Bultijnck

The unreleased video for ‘Flashlight’ from the album ‘How It Goes’, shot in Belgium while on tour & directed by the lovely & talented Astrid Bultijnck is being unveiled tonight in anticipation for this summer’s release of – ‘Built Up From Nothing: The D-Sides & Strictly Dub’. Also the release of our Dvd titled ‘Built Up From Nothing’ as well is to be released at out 16th annual Halloween show.

New video from dj BC ‘Rock-a-Week”

‘Fluent In Moe’ is dj BC’s newest & best release. Taking Big D and the Kids Table’s album Fluent In Stroll and mash-battling it up with Boston’s best MC Moe Pope, dj BC makes a summer record filled will only BANGERS…!!! For now the release date is a secret, but be on the look out, ’cause it drops soon-soon-soon.

Check out: