The Warped Eco Initiative

Kevin Lyman Is Asking You To Take One One Minute To Vote For Warped Tour And The EcoNote from Kevin: We at the Vans Warped Tour try every year to make our impact on the environment a little less destructive and a little more eco-friendly. It’s been a process that I’m proud to say has done a little better each and every year. I’m also proud to say that we wouldn’t have come close to accomplishing the many things we’ve done over the years if it weren’t for people like Erin and Tara. They care SO much about this project that THEY searched out this Ideablob grant and have been doing everything in their power to win it. So I’m asking you to take a moment, vote and help get the word out. Email this to your friends. Post it on your MySpace & Facebook pages – do your part! I’m very excited to see what these girls and the rest of our Eco Team will do this summer, but would be stoked to see what they could do with an extra $10,000!!!!Thank you,Kevin LymanThe Warped Eco Initiative has made it to the FINALS for a $10,000 grant from Ideablob and we need YOUR help to make sure we win!Here’s all you have to do (this takes only minutes):1. Go to the “Warped Eco Initiative: Change is a Sound” Ideablob page(…und-The-Warped- )2. Click the “Vote!” icon on the right hand side of the page3. If you do not have an Ideablob account, you need to register but it only takes a few worthwhile moments – really!4. Activate your account via an email sent to your registered email account5. Return back to the “Warped Eco Initiative: Change is a Sound” Ideablob page(…und-The-Warped- )6. CLICK VOTE!!If you have more than one email address, you can vote from each of them!The Warped Eco Initiative began in 2005 and has grown to include a volunteer driven recycling program, solar powered stage, solar canopies, biodiesel fueling, compostable/reusable dishware in catering, eco-driven contests, a partnership with Earth Echo International, band volunteer participation program, and more!”In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”Thank you,The Vans Warped TourDecember 6, 2008 Posted by: YoYoYosef